Investigative journalist with Joy FM Manasseh Azure Awuni has revealed how he investigated former President John Mahama.

One of his investigations which many political pundits says contributed to the defeat of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) is the Ford Expedition saga.

In October 2012, a Burkinabe contractor, Djibril Kanazoe, who was given contracts in Ghana, donated a Ford Expedition to former President John Mahama of Ghana as a “gift” while he was in office.

The said “gift” seemed to contradict the President’s code of conducts for his ministers and public officials, which prohibited them from accepting any gift from business entities to avoid the creation of an obligation towards them.

Joy FM’s Manasseh Azure Awuni traveled to Burkina Faso and returned with incontrovertible evidence that the gift was indeed given and accepted by the President.

This generated a lot of controversy with many either blaming or praising him.

In an exclusive interview with Kofi TV, Manasseh Azure Awuni revealed how he was able to obtained such sensitive information for his story.

Watch full video below