The woes of a  junior nurse who was sacked from her job for doing Facebook live while on duty is far from over.

Trudy Ewurama Marcel lost all her life savings and property when her four bedroom house was gutted by fire Wednesday night.

The embattled nurse in an exclusive interview with Kofi TV said her life is shuttered because she has lost everything.

According to her, she was on night duty when she had a call that her house has been gutted by fire but when she rushed home, the fire had destroyed all her belongings.

Trudy who secured the new job not long ago said 2017 has been a very bad year for her.

“I have lost everything including my uniforms. The only thing left is the dress I’m wearing” she bemoaned.

The young nurse could not fathom why she is going through all these ordeal following her shameful Facebook live brouhaha.

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