Leader and founder of Glorious Word Power Ministry International, Reverend Owusu Bempah, has sent a strong warning to the General Overseer of the International Central Gospel Church Pastor, Dr. Mensa Otabil for calling Christians who follow some prophets, foolish.
Rev. Owusu accuses Dr Otabil of describing Christians who give huge sums of money as offering to prophets just in the name of receiving breakthroughs as fools.
According to him, it will be wise for Dr. Otabil to do the honourable thing by rendering an apology to prophets he has insulted because he (Otabil) has gone contrary to his preaching.
He said it is shocking to see a notice of specific monetary offering which promises different rewards at Dr. Otabil’s Greater Works event.
Inasmuch as he sees nothing wrong with Dr. Otabil taking special offering at his events, Rev. Bempah said, calling Christians in other churches who do same as fools and referring to prophets who take money from their followers as fake is absurd.
“I respect Mensa Otabil a lot but I won’t have him call all prophets fake, there may be some fake prophets but the same way there are fake bible teachers too, he can’t put us all into one bracket,” he fumed.
As a prophet himself, Rev. Owusu Bempah said, he has the responsible to protect the image of his colleagues, and, therefore will not tolerate them being abused.
He explains, “I wouldn’t have said anything if Mensa Otabil had said some prophets are fake but putting all of us in the same bracket, I won’t allow that.”
“Mensa Otabil has a branch of his church headed by prophet Annor, so is Mensa Otabil saying Christians in that church are foolish?” he quizzes.
“Unless Mensa Otabil tells me that he takes money collected in his church to heaven, we all use the monies collected in the church for God’s work, I am asking him to apologize to Ghanaian Christians and prophets by Monday, if not he will have me to contend with,” he cautions.



  1. I heard Dr Otabil on this unfortunate comments. It was hit below belt from my mentor. Besides, I have problem about how offerings are being portioned in the church..how? So the poor are not going to receive blessings because they can pay?

  2. What a lot of Pastors including Dr. Mensah Otabil doesn’t know is that, it’s the same Christians from his church and other churches who visit these prophets for their breakthroughs. Most of these Christians don’t belong to these miracle working churches. They are mostly visitors.
    Anyway, God is watching with His two eyes.

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