Controversial private legal practitioner, Maurice Ampaw, has revealed how he suffered with low sperm count for eleven years and as a result could not father a child within the period.
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Mr. Ampaw said as a practicing lawyer, he ate late, wore tight pants and stressed himself even though he was married.
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All these, he said accounted for his condition, revealing how it became a worry to him till he sought for medical attention.
Lawyer Maurice Ampaw disclosed this on Day Break Hitz on Hitz FM, Wednesday.
“We have been married for 21 years now but for 11 years we had no children. I’m always busy, stressing myself and eating late. I wear tight panties too and so all these made me suffer low sperm count and was affecting production of sperms”, he said.
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According to him, after heeding to a doctor’s advice, the wife delivered and they now have twins.
Maurice Ampaw also disclosed that he met his wife while on his way to school.
He said the then 16-year-old girl was on her way to purchase local red oil popularly known as Zomi for her mother.
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Lawyer Ampaw said, he was jealous anytime he saw guys talking with his girlfriend but because she was faithful, she reported everyone who wanted to date her to him.
“I was very jealous about her and didn’t want any guy to touch her… so I was the one who broke her virginity at age 22. Up till now, no other man has seen her nakedness apart from me. I’m so proud of her. Even pastors proposed to her but she rejected them because of me.”


  1. I used to admire him when I first saw him on TV during the “Pink Sheets” period. He analyzed the case to my admiration. Afterwards, he has been behaving like a 3 year old spoilt child.

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