Deputy Minister for Employment and Labour Relations and Member of Parliament (MP) for Akwatia constituency in the Eastern region, has asked the Chief Executive Officer of the Microfinance and Small Loans Centre (MASLOC) to desist from attacking his predecessor, Sedina Tamakloe Attionu.

Baba Jamal believes it is unnecessary for Stephen Amoah, to tarnish the image of his predecessor when the Economic and Organized Crime Organization (EOCO) has already taken over the issue.

“Sedina Tamakloe is not a criminal to be treated as such. Stephen should allow EOCO to do its work and stop tarnishing her image” he said.

EOCO is said to be probing some irregularities in connection with the disbursement of loans to some beneficiaries by MASLOC during Mrs Attionu’s tenure.

The cars which were being sold for $9,000 in the showrooms of MAC Auto & Spare Parts, had been purchased at a cost of about $16, 000 per vehicle from the same company resulting in a reported loss of about $2 million.

It is with this that the former MASLOC CEO, Sedina Tamakloe Attionu has been indicted for causing financial loss to the state.

In the past few years, it has been involved in the sale of cars on credit to individuals and groups including Members of Parliament, musicians and celebrities; however, it is challenged with retrieving the monies owed it.

Some have viewed it as a business that ends up rewarding political party members.

The management of MASLOC has so far confiscated 350 of such vehicles, and is currently in the process of retrieving the monies believed to be over GHc100 million.

But speaking in an interview on Adom TV’s Morning Show “Badwam” Thursday charged Stephen Amoah and his members to stop defaming people involved in the scandal and allow the laws of the country to work.

“Stephen Amoah and his people at MASLOC should stop attacking and defaming the woman and allow the laws of the country to work. EOCO has taken over the issue and when the facts have not been established, why do you say what you have no idea of. I think his rants are unnecessary” he charged.


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Meanwhile, Mr. Stephen Amoah has vowed to sacrifice his blood to fight anybody whose attitude will become an obstacle towards the development of the nation.

He bemoaned the corruption, tribalism, over politicization of issues and attitudes of Ghanaians hindering the development of the Nation.