Bawku Central Member of Parliament has rendered an unqualified apology to Parliament after he was found guilty of contempt.

This was after the MP submitted a written apology to the House and the Speaker of Parliament, Professor Mike Ocquaye out of “magnanimity” asked him to read it to on the floor of Parliament.


Mahama Ayariga was found guilty of contempt by the Joe Ghartey committee after he alleged that the Energy Minister bribed members of the Minority on the Appointment Committee.

According to him they had received an amount of Ȼ3,000 from Minority Chief Whip, Muntaka Mubarak which they initially thought was their sitting allowance but turned out to be bribe given by Joe Osei Owusu on behalf of the Energy Minister nominee at the time.

This allegation was vehemently denied by both Muntaka and Osei-Wusu causing the Speaker to set up the committee to investigate the matter.

Based on the recommendations, Mahama Ayariga was asked to apologize for bringing the name of Parliament into disrepute but his half-hearted apology nearly turned Parliament into a boxing arena.

Some members of the House nearly exchanged blows shortly after the Speaker, Mike Ocquaye, left the chamber after attempts to get an unqualified apology from Ayariga failed.

After days of deliberations, the Speaker gave Mr. Ayariga a second chance to apologize to the House.

Adom News’ Parliamentary correspondent, Abednego Asante-Asiedu reported that the Bawku Central MP submitted the written apology to the Speaker of Parliament on Monday, April 3, 2017, and he made him read it on the floor of Parliament on Friday, April 7, 2017.

“With magnanimity, I asked Hon. Ayariga who has written an apology to read to the House” Prof Mike Ocquaye ordered.

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Mahama Ayariga in response said “pursuance to paragraph 141 of the report of your Committee [the Joe Ghartey Committee] I render an unqualified to this August Parliament. Thank you, Mr. Speaker for giving me another opportunity”.

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