A former Central regional minister, Aquinas Tawaih Quansah, has observed  the Ghana-US military agreement will only lead to the birth of what he described as “half-caste babies”.
He says Ghana will not only enjoy  $20 million from the agreement  but will also lose its women  to the US soldiers in intimate and amorous  relationships that will produce  babies with mixed races.
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“Those of us who have had the chance to be close to the military know  a lot about our military. At the end of the day, what will the US military teach us.
Maybe what we will gain is that in the next 10 to 15 years, we will have half-caste babies or black American babies and I think that is the only thing that Ghana stands to gain aside that huge money.”
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He was speaking on  Adom TV’s Morning Show “ Badwam,” Tuesday.
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The Agreement was approved last Friday amidst resistance by the minority in parliament.
Parliament is likely to be recalled to ratify the agreement.
Mr. Tawiah Quansah says  the process of ratifying the agreement did not go through the due constitutional processes.
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“We [NDC] are against the agreement. That is our stance on this issue. Article 75 of our constitution states clearly how far Ghana can go in such agreements. The right procedure wasn’t used in this case. This government needs to be told”, he stated.