Residents in Bawjiase have adopted a fasting strategy without prayers to aid them avoid emptying of their bowels daily due to the utterly full up of a manhole supporting the major public toilet in the locality.

According to the residents who spoke to Adom News’ Kofi Adjei, they fear to eat three times a day since the only public toilet in the town has been closed down for a week now.

They added that, the fear of eating would avoid one from provoking his or her stomach from processing any food materials to cause any discomfort; as such they will fast till the public toilet comes back alive.

“We don’t have anywhere to go to toilet. My children and I don’t eat. It has been closed down for a week. If we eat we will have to visit so we are fasting. Houseflies from the toilet are spreading all over. We have to wait till night then we look for some bush to enter…” one resident cried.

Meanwhile, the  Assemblyman for Bawjiase Mankesim electoral area, William Agyeman, who spoke on behalf of colleague Assembly members said, the area council members have squandered all the monies collected; the reason he can’t assure the end of the fasting season.

Furthermore, the Bawjiase area council secretary, Otabil Abbey confirmed the money was with the area council chairman who died recently.

The residents are now looking for a loan to pull out the toilet from the manhole.

“We want a loan. When we get it we will work on it. If they will stop the fasting, we will have to work on it. The area council has squandered all the money. So they should not eat to provoke their stomachs…” Mr Otabil stressed.

 Click on attached audio and listen to some residents