A former deputy Minister for Employment and Labour Relations in the erstwhile Mahama government has dared the Foreign Ministry to release names of former government appointees still keeping their diplomatic passports.

Baba Jamal said the disclosure by the Minister, Shirley Ayorkor Botchwey it is just to incite Ghanaians against the former ministers.

“Ask the minister to name the people, why are you going on a wild goose chase when you have the data of all those having diplomatic passports?” he stated in an interview on Adom News Friday.

His comment is in reaction to government’s decision to revoke all diplomatic passports still in the hands of former appointees of the John Mahama administration.

Foreign Minister, Shirley Ayorkor Botchwey says those still holding on to the passports risk being embarrassed if they fail to return them.

She revealed that, those some of the former appointees have brought their passports, majority are still holding on to it.

Madam Botchwey warned the former government appointees will be put on a spot list and prevented from traveling it they don’t return their diplomatic passport.

But Baba Jamal could not fathom why the Foreign Affairs Minister is lamenting when she has the records to take action.

“You have given a deadline so if someone has flouted it, mention his or her name why do you want to chase them” he stated.

Citing himself as an example, the former deputy Employment Minister said he returned his diplomatic passport immediately they left office to prevent any embarrassment

“I have returned my own long time even before the deadline so I don’t have any problem with anybody “he added.

Baba Jamal urged the Foreign Minister to name and shame former government appointees hiding their diplomatic passports.

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