Assemblyman of Sirbir Aweine Electoral area at Komenda-Edina-Eguafo-Abrimin the Central Region has been arrested for defecating at the beach.
The suspect, Samuel Cleran, according to reports, was apprehended by Environmental Health Officers who were embarking on routine checks at the beach.
Elmina Municipal Environment Health Officer, Alex Kwame Demtey who led the team to make the arrest in an interview on Adom News, expressed shock at the conduct of the assembly man.
He revealed that, Samuel Cleran was part of the team which formulated to policy to arrest anyone who engages in open defecation.
Alex Kwame Demtey since the law is no respecter of persons, the Assemblyman and others arrested will be arranged before court to face the full rigorous of the law.
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Meanwhile, the Municipal Chief Executive of KEEA, Nana Appiah Korang cautioned residents against open defecation.
He recounted how 3650 children died on diarrhea last year due to open defecation and assured such incident will not recur.
Therefore, Nana Appiah Korang said any resident who will be caught defecating alongĀ  the beaches will be arrested and prosecuted.
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Source: Adom News