Widely recognised politician, Hopeson Adorye, has given a befitting reply to naysayers who have suggested there is trouble in his paradise.

News reports in recent times have suggested that the astute politician’s marriage with gospel musician Empress Gifty has hit rock bottom.

While he never addressed such rumours, his wife indirectly debunked such claims and affirmed that she remains the only Mrs Adorye there is.

The two have united to prove they are still waxing stronger, with a latest video which captured their cozy moment.

At a private location, Empress Gifty solidified her love for her husband with a kiss.

The celebrity couple went live on social media where they showcased their public display of affection to thousands of viewers.

The couple reaffirmed their emotions amid heartfelt laughter and teases.

“We have a match,” Mr Adorye was heard saying before Empress Gifty canceled her live interaction.