Losing your hair can be very frightening. It is not out of place to wonder why you keep losing hair.

Hair loss can be caused by many reasons. For some people, it is hereditary, male-pattern and female-pattern baldness is common among both genders.

But apart from the hereditary, what other reason causes hair loss?

Everyone loses hair, the fact that you combed your hair and saw strands of hair on your comb shouldn’t make you panic.

The average person loses 50-100 hairs per day. However, if you find yourself losing large clumps of hair, you may be balding or sick. You should see your doctor.

This is a half-truth, scarfs and hats might damage your edges but, they do not cause hair loss per se, except the scarf is too tight. Dirty scarves and hats can however cause dandruff.

This is a myth. The sun will not make you go bald but, it will lead to your hair breakage and dullness.

Using too many products on your hair can lead to a build-up of products but, it usually doesn’t lead to hair loss or balding except, the product is manifestly terrible. For example, the woman who used gorilla glue spray on her hair.

  • What causes hair loss?

Both physical and mental trauma can cause hair loss. Depression, anxiety, and stress can cause hair loss.

Events like childbirth, severe stress or menopause can lead to hair loss, you might be worried and wonder why this is happening but do not overthink this, when these events pass, your hair will grow back.

A bad diet is not good for your hair health. If you do not want to lose your hair, eat foods with enough vitamins and protein, (especially protein). Eat alot of fish, egg and meat. Also, eat a lot of fruits and vegetables.

A lot of hair gel and spray can cause a strain on your hair and lead to hair loss. Using hair straighteners and coilers can also cause you to lose your hair.

Regular maintenance and less manipulation reduce the chances of losing your hair.