breast cancer patient
Breast cancer patient

The 43-year-old Agnes Dogboe battled with breast cancer which left one of her breasts rotten for close to two years.

She was abandoned by her husband and father of her two children aged eight and 11. That is, however, understandable as some men are known to often times desert their wives in their times of serious needs.

But probably the most painful part of her situation is being deserted by her family, particularly her five (5) siblings; the ones who were supposed to be there for her and care for her, after all family always sticks together by protecting, caring and loving each other.

Aside the worsening state of her cancer, her woes were also being compounded by her landlord who threatened to evict her from the room she occupied with her two children, because of the stench of the breast.

Agnes lived at the mercy of a few kind friends, who lacked the finances to help her get proper healthcare.

Thankfully, her story broke out and was told on the Prime Morning show on JoyPrime, June 4, 2020. Her plea for help moved many Ghanaians to contribute towards her medical treatment and in just six days donations received on her behalf had exceeded GH₵60,000.00.

She was scheduled to undergo surgery at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital to rid her of the cancer which was in its acute stage, but unfortunately she died before the surgery could be done, she died before she could be saved.

She died before she could once again happily smile and go about taking care of her children not groan and feel pain in her breasts.

Help came, but it came too late. Wish it had come earlier than it did.