Today’s #kumkumonadomtv, Abhi is busy thinking for a way to get Pragya’s signatures, Pragya is disturbed as she finds out that Abhi is trying to deceive her.

Rony doubts that Raj’s father is the third person who has been helping Alia and Tannu and he expresses this doubt before Raj. Raj i realizes that Rony is trying to play detective.

Abhi is surprised when Pragya herself invites him to have wine but he understands that Pragya is trying to fool him.

Abhi gets Pragya to gulp down a glass of wine and manages to get her signatures on the documents. Will this be the end of Pragya’s rule?Purabh arrives at Bulbul’s house with vegetables and Bulbul gets upset with him when he fails to remember the importance of the date.

 Abhi tries to snatch the keys from Pragya’s hands while she is asleep but he wakes up Pragya. Purabh manages to get Sarla and others out of the house and he calls Pragya and asks her to come to the house.

After Pragya arrives Bulbul comes out of her room and is surprised to see her sister home. Just as the trio start to discuss their matter.

Sarla reaches home and Pragya is forced to hide. By now, Abhi informs Tannu that Pragya has hidden the signed documents in the cupboard and the two of them try to get the documents out.

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