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Happening on Kumkum Bhagya tonight – 14/12/2016


Today’s #kumkumonadomtv, Pragya refuses to give the money for the reception and Abhi immediately declares a protest fast against Pragya.

Pragya speaks to Dadi about the reason behind her disapproval for the reception. Although Dadi understands that Pragya has fears regarding Alia’s reaction, Dadi asks her to let the reception take place.

Alia meets Vijay and asks him to kill Pragya. After a lot of convincing Vijay, he agrees to do as asked. Pragya informs Abhi that she will give the money for the reception but Abhi asks her to apologize to the entire family for creating a problem earlier. Will Pragya apologize to the entire family?

Bulbul and Purabh go for their reception shopping and they are joined by Abhi and Pragya, who spend the entire journey arguing with each other. Upon reaching the mall, Abhi notices Vijay and goes after him.

He is shocked to find Vijay speaking to Alia and soon he starts to chase Vijay. He fails to catch Vijay but questions Alia about her meeting with Vijay. Alia manages to make an excuse and avoids the truth.

Abhi enters the mall and seeing him injured, Pragya begins to panic. A saleswoman arrives with a first- aid box and attends to Abhi and this makes Pragya jealous.

Abhi’s Dadi goes Sarla’s home to inform her of the reception that has been approved by Pragya. Keep watching ‘Kumkum Bhagya’ to know more..

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