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Registration exercise

Some 220 Ghanaian health workers have written to the Electoral Commission (EC) to ask for a halt to the ongoing voters’ registration exercise.

The workers contend that a break in the exercise will help prevent the over thousand deaths likely to occur from the process.

The open letter has bemoaned the blatant disregard for precautionary protocols needed to curb the spread of COVID-19 at various registration centres.

According to the signatories to the letter, the continuous rise in cases would adversely impact the already ailing health system.


It is the second time the group have written such a letter to the EC as an earlier letter dated June 24, 2020 cautioned the EC on its intention to conduct the exercise.

It first letter, the group predicted that the exercise could lead to increased cases of Covid-19 and related deaths.

The signatories have given the EC two choices – to pause the registration and figure out safer ways of carrying it out or continue for posterity to remember the current EC chairperson, Jean Mensa, as a leader who supervised an exercise that allowed the loss of lives.

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