Officials of the Ghana Revenue Authority have expressed disappointments in foreign traders for failing to make a 3-day Document Assessment Programme (DAP) effective.

The DAP, which is ongoing at Circle Tip-Toe lane has come to a standstill as over 200 foreigners, mostly Nigerians have feigned ignorance of the pre-informed programme.

The foreign traders who have gathered at the venue claim they do not have approved documents for their operations because they were not informed beforehand and described the happenings as unfair.

Only one out of the lot has produced his documents but was challenged by the officials who revealed it did not meet all the laid-down requirements.


Reacting to the claims of not being aware of the exercise, Deputy Public Relations Officer of GUTA, Joseph Osei Agyemang said notices were placed on the shops of the foreign traders, adding he is shocked they are feigning ignorance.

“If they do not come for us to vet them how will we know they have papers for operation in Ghana? If their papers are right and they pass the committee’s assessment, we will just open the shops for them and that is it. If you don’t bring your documents how do we open for you,” he quizzed.

The documents to be presented for assessment includes company name, year of establishment, phone numbers, monthly or weekly income, GPS address and Taxpayers Identification Number (TIN) of the business owners.