File photo: Gun

Bodyguards of opposing sects of an Apostolic Faith Mission (AFM) took their battle to the church premises where they caused havoc.

The security guards who were hired by the church splinter group were said to have fired gunshots at another pastor’s group in a bid to take over the house of worship.

The matter, which has been settled in court, in favor of the splinter group, rose its head again when the opposing sect interrupted the church service during the night.

The Sunday Mail reports that national police spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed the incident, adding that investigations are in progress.

He also said representatives of both church factions had made counter-reports to the police.

“Police are investigating the matter. The problem started when the Chiangwa faction hired a security company (name supplied) to guard the premises in Marlborough and they found that there was another security company (name supplied) hired by the Madawo faction. The Chiangwa security guards tried to enter the premises and they were dispersed by dogs.

“After that, the Chiangwa faction’s security guards phoned their command section which deployed reinforcements. One of these reinforcements fired the shots. The case of assault was reported to Marlborough Police Station by the Chiangwa guards and the Madawo faction’s security guards also made a counter report of the shooting. This is the case the police are investigating and all is emanating from the church fights.”