Bridget Otoo

Popular television presenter, Bridget Otoo, has cried out after gun-wielding men raided her cement shop.

The two assailants, who were said to be on a robbery spree, targeted her cement shop when her sales girl was the only one attending to customers.

Bridget Otoo

She said the two men on motorbikes fired two warning shots after which they held the sales girl at gunpoint.

Fearing for her life, she handed over the morning cash sales of GHS 500 to the men who proceeded to another shop.

They also bolted with her mobile phone.

She is suspicious the attack might have been a planned one, as she says she runs a cashless system but for the GHS 500 that was deposited in the morning.

She revealed that her sales girl was visibly shaken by the attack and began screaming, a move that alerted the other shop owners of an ongoing robbery.

“My phone rang, an unknown number, I picked up and I heard my shop attendant crying and screaming madam save me. My heart sank, not knowing what it was and without letting her know I was terrified at the sound of her plea … then the words they pulled a gun on me madam,” she recounted.