Perpetual Ofori Ampofo

The Ghana Registered Nurses and Midwives Association has assured its members of the safety of their contributions to the health sector occupational pension scheme.

President of the Association, Perpetual Ofori Ampofo, says an agreement reached with the government stipulates that all pension funds will be exempted.

Pursuance to the MOU, their tier 2 and 3, including provident funds and individual bonds are secured.

She spoke to the media during the Kumasi branch commissioning of the health sector occupational pension scheme.

Government is currently working with stakeholders to arrive on a common platform concerning the domestic debt exchange program.

President of the Ghana registered Nurses and Midwives Association, Perpetual Ofori Ampofo, says hair-cut to their investment will have dire consequences on the contributors especially retirees.

The association wants the government to go by an agreement with organised labour and suspend the program to deliberate further to allay fears of retirees and contributors.

“The fear around this debt exchange program I think we have all seen, the panic in the system and all of that, at this moment we think that the government suspend it and then we look at other alternatives means addressing the debt of the country,” she suggested

The health sector occupational pension scheme, despite the huge numbers had only one office based in Accra.

To address concerns of contributors, a new office has been opened in Kumasi.

Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Dr Derek Amoateng, said the scheme has been growing with significant returns.

He is confident health workers retiring will go with a smile.

He says there are plans to extend their service to Takoradi, Tamale and other regions to ease the processing for contributors.

“Our contributors are all-over the country and there was the need to get close to them, staying in Accra and relating to them via virtual means was not good enough, so we find the need to open an office in Kumasi, we are not ending it here we are going to Takoradi, Tamale and other regions as well so that we can reach out to as many people as possible,” he noted.