Bernard Kojo Allotey Jacobs

Social Commentator, Bernard Allotey Jacobs, says God will punish all those who say Ekumfi fruit juice is poisonous.

According to him, he was sad and surprised at some comments he saw on social media about the Ekumfi pineapple factory and its product.

“I was so surprised at the comments I read on Facebook about the Ekumfi pineapple juice being poisonous, so it shouldn’t be patronised. Others also said ‘Eku’ in ewe means death so anyone who drinks it will die,” he told Accra-based Peace FM, monitored by

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He explained that, Ekumfi is one of the poorest towns in the Central region with their lands infertile to cultivate any other crop apart from pineapple and coconut.

“Their lands are not good for cultivation, the only thing that grows on their land is pineapple and coconut. So you will realise that when you go to Ekumfi they are either selling bush meat, pineapple or coconut,” he said.

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Mr Jacobs further added that Ghanaians should commend and support the government and desist from any negative comment that will bring the initiative down.

“If the government has thought it wise to build a factory in the town which employs about 400 people why will people sit on social media to condemn the product? God will punish all of them one by one. For a factory to come from that enclave to help farmers get value for their harvest, this is highly commendable,” he added.