A 16-year-old girl lost her pregnancy at a Police station after she was allegedly manhandled by a Police officer during an arrest at Begoro in the Eastern Region.
The minor who was five-month pregnant was accused of stealing a GHC250 Samsung mobile phone by a phone seller who happens to be her friend.
The Police CID (yet to be identified) allegedly stormed the house of the victim in the absence of her single parent and dragged her into a taxi cab to the police station.
The victim narrated to Starr News’ Eastern regional Correspondent Kojo Ansah that she attempted to wear a decent dress when the police came to arrest her but was denied the opportunity by the Police officer leading to a struggle between them.
According to her, she hit her stomach against a pole she firmly held on to which sent her to the ground.
The victim added that during the struggle, her sister told the Police Officer of her pregnancy and asked him to stop manhandling her but the Police officer did not heed and continued to maltreat her.
The victim told Ansah that while at the Police station, she started experiencing strange pains followed by blood dripping from her vagina leading to the miscarriage of her five-month old foetus.
The victim explained that, a Nurse was invited to administer injection without her consent while bleeding before she was rushed to the Salvation Army Hospital for treatment.
The victim has denied Police claims that she had already induced the pregnancy. She also refutes the allegation of stealing the phone stating that the complainant proposed to her and promised to give her a mobile phone to aid communication.
The Begoro District Police Commander, DSP Asiwome confirmed the incident describing it as unfortunate but declined further information and referred the reporter to the Regional Public Relations Unit.
The Midwife in Charge of Salvation Army Hospital at Begoro also confirmed recording such a case at the facility, but failed to give further details due to the involvement of the Police.
Meanwhile, the mother of the victim, Dora Amposah described the police officer’s conduct as unprofessional and called for him to be sanctioned.


  1. I wonder the kind of people we recruit in to our police service. The buga, buga styling of policing is over. Most of the police personal are pure fools and don’t deserve to be in that uniform.Ghana must wake up as most of these goons commit worse crimes while arresting the alledged culprits.

  2. We are just choosing to misbehave beyond reasoning . The age of consent is 18 years and we allow 16 year olds to be impregnated and carry the story with rapt alacrity as if we are not disturbed. This is absurdity meaning unreasonable, illogical and unthinkable.