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Gina Blay Receives Applause Over Kente Dress


Renowned Ghanaian journalist and diplomat, Mrs Gina Blay has been receiving interesting accolades on social media over her unique display of Ghana’s Kente in a snowy weather in Estonia.

Gina who was in Estonia to present her credentials as ambassador accredited to that country, wore a deep cut neckline Kente Kaba and Slit.
However, while inspecting the guard of honour mounted to welcome her; she decided to add a winter coat over the dress. She then stylishly completed her looks with another Kente over her shoulders as though it was a blanket.

That gave her a distinctive and unique look which many Ghanaians applauded.
The dress has been generating a lot of interest on social media with many praising the style and how she used the Kente, a colorful Ghanaian traditional fabric which is worn mostly on important occasions and celebrations.

To some people, she didn’t only make a fashion statement but also represented Ghana well by projecting the country’s rich Kente in a more unique way.

Gina who is also the Ghanaian ambassador to Germany appears to have a thing for Kente. She has been captured in a Kente inspired outfits a number of times.

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