Music producer Hammer says Ghana’s entertainment industry is easy to penetrate “if you are a foreigner.”

According to him, he has been to many countries and most of them do well to protect any trademark they have against a foreign product.

He explained that, China has still not given Facebook, Instagram and other social media apps access to their citizens because they already have a local WeChat app that they use, which does almost everything the foreign apps provide.

Citing Nigeria as an example, he said the West African country doesn’t allow foreign content in their entertainment boundaries.


According to Hammer, booking for an interview in Nigeria as a foreign musician can take forever because they do not want any outsider to take them by storm and benefit from their market.

I feel pain when I see the opportunities around us… China hasn’t let Facebook in still. It’s still outside. And it’s because of one thing Facebook is mammoth and when they let it in WeChat won’t stand a chance. The Chinese are trying to protect their interior company… he said.

If you go to Nigeria and you want to get interviews, you will suffer. The Stonebwoys have to link many connections… they are actually paying money for this… but if Davido comes to Ghana and he says he wants one interview, they will even paint the place. We are not selfish, Hammer explained on Joy FM‘s Showbiz A to Z show.

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