In a commendable display of support for its members, the Students’ Representative Council (SRC) of the Ghana School of Law (GSL), has provided financial support to cover school fees and exam fees for 90 GSL students, easing their financial strain and ensuring that no student is left behind in their academic journey.

As the academic year progresses and final exams approach, many students find themselves grappling with the burden of school fees and exam fees, often struggling to meet the financial demands placed upon them.

Recognising this challenge, the 61st Emefa-led SRC has stepped forward to alleviate some of the pressure, demonstrating its commitment to fostering academic success and ensuring that all students have an equal opportunity to excel.

Gertrude Emefa Donkor
Gertrude Emefa Donkor

The project, dubbed the Onuado Scholarship Fund, an initiative and a campaign promise of the SRC President, Gertrude Emefa Donkor which has been warmly welcomed by the entire student body underscores the SRC’s dedication to providing a supportive and inclusive learning environment.

“As Executive Council of the SRC, we are honoured to support our colleagues in their academic pursuits,” remarked Gertrude Emefa Donkor. “We believe that every student deserves the opportunity to succeed, and we are committed to doing everything in our power to remove financial barriers to education and empower ourselves to focus on our studies”.

The announcement comes at a crucial time for many students, providing much-needed relief as they prepare to sit for their exams. The move is even more commendable as it has made provision for every single student who applied.

The gesture has been met with gratitude and appreciation from students who now have the opportunity to focus on their studies with renewed determination and confidence.

“The scholarship is very timely. Many of us were wondering how we were going to overcome this challenge. For me, this is not just a financial assistance, it is a demonstration of the commitment of the SRC executives to our success and a belief in our potential to achieve greatness” said Justice Owusu, a beneficiary of the fund.

As students prepare to write their exams in June, they can do so with the knowledge that they have the unwavering support of the Students’ Representative Council behind them, fueling their journey towards success and fulfilment.

The Executive Council of the SRC is made up of: Gertrude Emefa Donkor (President), Benjamin Agyemang Duah (Veep-Greenhill Campus) Sarah Maanaa Ansah(Veep-UPSA Campus), Danielle Ellemawusi Danso(Veep-Kumasi Campus), Amanda Edinam Ahiadormey(General Secretary), Maamah Amin Oteng(Organizing Secretary), Joshua Yirenkyi-Smart Opoku(Treasurer).