The brewing rap beef between Ghanaian and Nigerian artists has taken a new turn as tensions escalate on social media platforms.

Recent developments reveal that Davido has unfollowed Ghanaian rapper Medikal on Instagram, and in response, Medikal has reciprocated by blocking Davido on the same platform.

This rift seems to have stemmed from a statement made by Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie, who boldly proclaimed his superiority over Nigerian artists Davido and Wizkid combined.

In retaliation, one of Davido’s artists, Dremo, released a diss track aimed at Sarkodie.

However, the situation escalated when Ghanaian rappers rallied behind Sarkodie, releasing a series of diss tracks targeting Dremo and his associates.

Medikal, in particular, described Dremo as a rapper with zero achievements.

Unable to tolerate what he perceived as bullying of his artist, Davido decided to unfollow Medikal on Instagram.

Medikal, upon noticing Davido’s actions, took to Twitter to address the situation. In his tweet, he expressed his belief in loyalty and stated that while he prefers not to air his grievances in public, he felt compelled to reciprocate Davido’s actions by blocking him on Instagram.

It is unclear if their yet-to-be-released collaboration will ever see the light of day following their latest actions.