An unexpected storm that first started as a windstorm on Tuesday uprooted many trees, destroyed several billboards and in the long run ripped off the roof of the Parliament House.

Adomonline’s Photo journalist, Gershon Mortey embarked on a special tour after the storm wrecked havoc in the Greater Accra Metropolitan area.

Many roofs of building including Parliament House were ripped off during the storm. Electricity wire were scattered all over in some suburbs, roofing sheets hanged loosely on buildings after the storm  whichlasted for about one and half hour.

Some residents who spoke to were amazed to the level of destruction since there were no signs it would rain.

Some of the trees along the road Kanda, GBC road were uprooted and its branches took part of the road making it difficult for motorists to use.  

Some billboards which were destroyed by the rain.

Almost half of billboards within Circle, Alajo junction, Tesano, Achimota were pulled down by the storm.