Director of the Bui Power Authority, William Ahiataku, has bemoaned Ghana’s lack of affordable power generation for efficient distribution.

Mr Ahiataku, addressing media men on nuclear power at a conference, said affordable power is all the country needs to have a better socio-economic standing.

He opined that despite raw materials, minerals and natural resources in abundance, the country will still need a baseload power generation to support value chain process.

Mr Ahiataku made the comments while making a strong case for nuclear power and to explain the objectives of the formulated Nuclear Power Ghana organisation.

“Ghana has all resources needed but we now realise how reliable and cost effective it would be to depend on nuclear to support value addition to our abundant natural resources to process into final product for local consumption and export.”

He added that nuclear is the lowest carbon energy sources with the smallest carbon footprint to address energy gap to Ghana’s energy transmission to net zero emissions.

Adding his voice, Executive Director for Nuclear Power Ghana, Dr Stephen Yamoah, said nuclear is safe and does not pose a threat to the environment.

“It’s a very safe technology, it is very deployable. The nuclear power will help Ghana’s electricity become very affordable