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Minister for Lands and Natural Resources, Samuel Abu Jinapor, has said he remains committed to the fight against illegal mining locally known as galamsey.

According to him, he will fight against the menace wreaking havoc on the country’s water bodies and forest reserves.

Mr Jinapor made these comments on Asempa FM’s Ekosii Sen when asked about the government’s readiness to prosecute top officials and party bigwigs allegedly involved in the illegality.

“I get surprised when I hear arguments about powerful people. Who are they? I am totally blind to these so-called powerful people.

“Once we get evidence that anyone is involved, we won’t even waste time to make them face the law,” he said.

Citing Chinese galamsey queen, Aisha Huang‘s case, Mr Jinapor expressed confidence the law will be applied to all equally.

“When Aisha Huang’s issue came up, people were saying we cannot even take her to court because she is highly connected, has sex tapes about powerful people and a whole lot of theories.

“But now, we are prosecuting her in high spirits. The AG is handling this matter himself so it should tell you how important this issue is. He has been draconian and if the case keeps in court for five years, Aisha will continue to be in custody. I am waiting for the day she will finally be sentenced,” he declared.

Meanwhile, he admitted for the government to successfully win the fight against galamsey, they need to go after some barons.

“I don’t think the young and poor people we see at the galamsey sites are the real owners because they cannot buy these excavators. If we want to fight this up front, we need to go after the barons by cutting off the head of the snake and breaking their spine.

“There are deep-pocketed people who buy these excavators and they don’t even go to these sites but put the poor young people there so they are the ones we are supposed to go after,” he stated.