Kwesi Appiah
Kwesi Appiah

Former Ghana coach, Kwasi Appiah, has described the Ghana Football Association (GFA) leadership as disrespectful for refusing to settle his unpaid wages.

The former Al Khartoum boss, who was on a $35,000 monthly salary, is demanding for full payment from August to December 2019, plus monthly winning bonus of $10,000.

Coach Appiah, 61, parted ways with the FA after the current administration failed to renew his contract.

Speaking to Starr FM Sports, the softspoken coach described the posture of the FA as being disrespectful.

“I decided to keep quiet on my salaries issues all these while but I think if you are working with someone and you are no more, the best way is to give the person whatever he deserves and there will be peace,” he said.


“The question is how do I feed my family? Meanwhile I quiet remember when they took over Dr Kofi Amoah gave them 1,000,000 dollars and I even understand there is also some 500,000 dollars from FIFA or whatever, the bottom line is you should look at the essential ones and try and sort them out.

“But it looks like they don’t care but this is money I have worked for and they are not telling me anything which I feel it doesn’t show sign of respect.

“So I have told my lawyers to deal with it,” he added.

Coach Appiah has written a letter of reminder to the GFA after previously writing to them through his lawyer Thaddeus Sory in March 2020 to ask for his money.