kwaku manu
Kwaku Manu

Ghanaian comedian cum actor, Funny Face, has sent a cry for help message to colleague actor, Kwaku Manu.

Funny Face’s message has seen him contemplate suicide which is currently causing fear and panic among fans and followers.

The comic actor’s message was a reply to Mr Manu’s video on social media, a content of which asked for help for Funny Face following a recent outburst with the mother of her twins.

Funny Face

While advising Funny Face in a video, the popular actor also entreated people close to Funny Face to help him.

Mr Manu said Funny Face’s situation should not be taken lightly as it could have some spiritual connection because “we do not wrestle against only flesh and blood.”

Instead of urging him on and assisting him to record his videos, Mr Manu advised his friends to think about his well-being.


In response, Funny Face, commenting under the post, wrote a lengthy message.

He lamented how his sacrifices for his twins, Ella and Bella as well as their mother, Vanessa have amounted to nothing.

He went on to urge Mr Manu to take care of his children for him when he is no more, adding they will meet at the other side.

Read the full message below: