funke and husband

Nigerian actress, Funke Akindele, and her husband, Abdul Rasheed Bello, have been found guilty of “violating restriction orders” in the commercial capital, Lagos.

She and her husband were charged on Monday after their arrest on Sunday for hosting a house party despite a lockdown in the city.

The court, in its ruling, sentenced them to 14 days community service.

The lockdown was to help stop the spread of coronavirus. The police said she held the party in contravention of the lockdown order in Lagos State.

The actress and her husband will now each pay a $260 fine plus the 14 days of community service.

Police said they would “visit 10 important public places within Lagos State to educate the public on the consequences of non compliance with the restriction order.”

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The actress, who is popularly known as Jenifa, due to the role she plays in TV series, held a party in honour of her husband who is a singer on Saturday.

The party was attended by over 20 people, an action that sparked outrage among Nigerians who called for her arrest.

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Under the lockdown rules, all gatherings of more than 25 people were banned in Lagos, Nigeria’s biggest city.

Offenders could face a jail term of one month or a fine or both penalties. The actress apologised over the anger the party had sparked.