Secretary to the Committee overseeing the construction of the National Cathedral has put to rest controversies surrounding sources of funding for the proposed National Cathedral.

Rev. Victor Kusi Boateng said the distinguished clergymen serving on the 13-member committee are resourceful enough to build a temple for interdenominational prayers for Christians.

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The government has received a lot of backlash following the decision to build a National Cathedral for state events.

Many believe building a Cathedral is a waste of taxpayers’ money and discriminatory to other religious bodies.

But speaking on Adom FM’s morning show, Dwaso Nsem Wednesday, Rev. Victor Kusi Boateng said there was no cause for alarm.

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He stated that the government was only providing the land as the committee provides funding.

Rev. Boateng noted that the government had supported religious projects in the past and so facilitating the construction of the national cathedral would be nothing new.

The man of God urged Ghanaians to look beyond the material things and focuse on the cohesion the edifice will bring to the various Christian denominations in the country.

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  1. That is what you will say because it favors you. If you are funding from private pockets,why don`t you acquire the land elsewhere than evacuating the 9 judges from their place of stay just to put up the cathedral at the cost of the taxpayer Mr man?

    • Let the land’s commission value the land area allocated and we will pay for it and build the cathedral to the glory of God.The church in Ghana have built schools, hospitals tthat have been turned over to government at no cost. Christians and the church in Ghana is capable of mobilising resources locally and from across the globe to build this cathedral. The judges are not just been ejected from the homes they are been housed in rental properties as new houses are been pit up for them. Their present residences are in deplorable state anyway. Would you have made the same argument the government had opted for a convention center, opera house? I encourage the committee to put out a bank account and mobile money account for all who can and are willing to support the building. Let’s pay for the land and everything that goes with it. We will not give anything that will not cost us to the Lord our God. Can man fight the Lord?…..God have mercy on us.

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