President of the Water Sellers Association, Nana Dankwa, engaged in a heated argument with the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) during a live programme on Adom FM.

The argument between both sides followed complaints by some Ghanaians that they pay for water despite it being made free – the government has even extended the period to the end of November this year.

Airing the grievances of the Association during an interview on Adom FM’s Dwaso Nsem on Friday, Mr Dankwa noted that water sellers in the country since the commencement of the free water policy have not been compensated for making their water free as promised by the government.

They are rather given bills to pay at the end of the month and this, they say is the reason for charging monies from individuals despite it being free.

He added that it is their only source of income and so cannot continue to give it out for free without being compensated for it.

But in a quick rebuttal, Stanley Martey, PRO for GWCL, noted that compensations given out by the government are meant for water sellers registered with the company and not all water sellers.


“The only way for water sellers to earn compensation is by registering with GWCL, if they don’t they won’t get the compensation,” he said.

“And let me put this on record, it is absolutely untrue that compensations have not been paid to water sellers who have come to register with us, it is untrue. Those complaining are those who haven’t come to us to register,” he noted.