Men can be turned on not just with sexy lingerie or skin show.

There are some words, phrases, speech styles, which have that effect on men and they do trigger a sensuous response.

Once you have mastered these, you will rule over your man for sure.

So scroll down to know what those phrases are that will drive your man wild in bed.

Don’t stop

Of course, it depends on how you say it. The words do not have to be exact but the crux should be the same. You could also say “right there”, “harder”, etc.

If you are into dirty talking then use that too.

Giving a command during that intimate moment, saying that what he is doing is exactly what you want him to continue with, drives them nuts.

You feel oh so good

Feeling incredible, you fit in, this is incredible, feels amazing… These words give men a boost as you are giving them the confidence that they are doing a great job at the one thing they dream about all the time.

This is the ultimate compliment for him so go on.

I am so turned on by you

This phrase is among the best compliments you can give to a man as you are basically telling him that he has it in him to be able to arouse you.

Yes, it may be a bit of exaggeration but this, in turn, turns on your partner too.

When you say these words, he will do an even better job just to live up to that expectation and drive you wild in turn.

Do whatever you want to me

This one is all about handing him the ropes, giving him the charge and men love that! It often makes them feel more horny and the sex drive can go up to an all time high.