Managers of the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly have been charged to be creative and proactive in generating revenue internally for its development.

A former Mayor, Samuel Sarpong, says local assemblies who fail to improve their internally-generated funds will not get access to development.

He observed that relying on the District Assemblies Common Fund from the central government is no longer prudent since the government is not financially strong.

“Every government does its development through the District Assemblies and the assemblies get their funds from the District Assembly’s Common Fund through the Central government,” he told Nhyira FM’s Obidehyie Ofori Amanfo on Kuro Yi mu Nsem.

Mr Sarpong says Kumasi, as a viable trading hub, harbours the potential for revenue generation to fund development.

“The government too is struggling with its finances so the Common Fund is not going. So if the District Assembly is not more proactive to generate funds internally it will lack development.

“Kumasi is a big city and trading hub of Ghana which the assembly generates money. So the KMA should be more proactive to generate funds from the Internally Generated Fund for development,” he urged.

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