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Former Education Minister clarifies reports of marrying 9th wife


Reports of Professor Dominic Fobih marrying for the ninth time are bogus, the Former Minister of Education has said.

Media attention was on Professor Fobih after it emerged he tied the knot with his young lover over the weekend.

Social media was also inundated with rumors that his bride is a 27-year-old woman.

But, in an interview on Starr FM Tuesday morning, the 80-year-old clarified that his viral wedding is his first attempt in marriage.

He went on to say that persons commenting on the nine wives saga are clearly misled and ignorant.

“I don’t have nine wives, I have one wife, I just got married. I didn’t have a wife before so I’ve just got married. Who in Ghana has nine wives? If anybody is commenting on nine wives the person has been misled. Those who are commenting are commenting on what they’ve read and that is borne out of ignorance.”

On claims his bride is 27, Professor Fobih set the records straight that she is a 31-year-old medical officer.

He described himself as a strong-willed person who knows what is best for him.

“I’m a very strong willed person and I’m always convinced about what I decide to do and is best for me. I know why I’m doing this and so they can tell all sort of things. I didn’t marry for anybody, I married for myself,” Prof. Fobih added.

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