My insatiable desire for sex cost Maggie her degree

Do you know that when you’ve been with someone for a long time it gets really boring? To the extent that they may start to piss you off because of your actions and especially because of your inactions.

This is actually normal because we are human and we easily get bored or get very caught up with other things that we forget what really matters.

Other times we feel way too comfortable with our partners that we stop doing the things that brought us together in the first place.

Don’t you look back at your relationship or marriage and realise that so many things have changed and wished you could go back to the good old sweet days when you first met and the romance was top tier, sweet and refreshing?

Here are five ways to give your relationship a boost if it’s hitting rock bottom:

1.Travel together: Truthfully, a change of environment, away from your regular life is pure bliss. It makes you try new things which is one of the reasons to travel and go on vacation. You are able to reconnect and spend time with your partner while trying new things together. This is also very romantic because it helps you create memories as you spend quality time with them. Travelling together is a plus if their love language is quality time together. You may also be able to see and understand who your partner is growing into as well as new interests they have that you did not know about.

2.Speak their love language: Everyone has a love a language, you just need to figure it out. If you know your partner’s, awesome! Speak it. You may have been too busy to realize that your wife/husband feels a little unappreciated or lonely. Surprise them at work, cuddle them, give them a massage, buy them a nice gift or leave a nice note on the fridge telling them how grateful you are to have them in your life!

These may include taking a romantic bath together, massaging each other, trying new positions you’re both comfortable in and with, watch dirty movies together, introducing sex toys and role playing. Sometimes, making out or taking your time to foreplay can help you understand and explore your partners body more and what they really need. This can lead to mind blowing bedroom experiences.

4. Go back to the things you did to win them when you first met: This includes showing interests in their interests, romantic gestures, appreciating, celebrating wins no matter how small, leaving them flirty sexy messages during the day. Let your other half know that you are thinking of them. You should simply go back to the beginning and pretend you just met.

5. Lastly prioritize your relationship and make sacrifices: You need to stop making excuses for when your partner needs you or needs your help. Make time, quality time to enjoy each other’s company. By doing so, you will never feel like your relationship is hitting the backseat. Your partner needs to feel important; they should be on top of your priorities. Take care of them so that they will also treat you like the King or Queen you are.