Ghanaian singer Peter Famiye Bozah, popularly known as Fameye, has voiced out on debate that musicians can no longer promote their songs without social media app, TikTok.

According to him, though he has approached some influencers in the past to push his songs for him, he doesn’t tie his success to the app.

He explained that, TikTok is a creative app, but it is not the path to make songs a hit because songs were already blowing organically in the past.

Additionally, Fameye said a good song transcends better than promotion on TikTok because songs on the social app are short-lived.

I am on TikTok… I don’t hate it. Likewise, I promote my songs there too, but I don’t add TikTok to my plans because they do not listen to full songs on the platform. They only use it for their skits.

Talking further, he said: My music will survive without TikTok.