File photo: A congregation

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams, General Overseer of Action Chapel International, has cautioned pastors and church leaders against monetising the gospel because exploitation of God’s people is dangerous.

According to Archbishop Duncan-Williams, giving from an honest heart guarantees God’s financial blessings on the lives of his children.

“You will not be blessed financially if you are not a giver. God will bless you even if you give one cedi because it is not the amount, it is what you can afford and where your faith is but people think that if I fast and pray I will get money, No; fasting and prayer bring power,” he said.

Speaking in an interview on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show, the renowned man of God described the practice where pastors solicit for specific amount of money from their members in exchange for God’s blessings as “zeal without knowledge.”

“Exploiting God’s people is dangerous, so we must be careful we don’t expose people beyond their capacity or talents or manipulate the flock of God. God is a God of numbers and calls them out at specific times but as people grow, they will walk away from attaching blessings to specific amounts given,” he added.

“Church leaders must open up to their members whenever the church faces a financial need. They can then ask the members to support by donating to the course but to say that give a thousand and God will bless you is not the best way to present the gospel,” added.

Source:|Gertrude Otchere