Dear God, Father, you know I’m asking why (this year) you took away my
childhood friend and brother, Rev. Fr. John Gabriel Owusu Frempong (Dwomo).

And I’m also asking why you’ve just taken away my friend and brother Elvis Koku Kwashie who I’ve known for 19 years since my days as NUGS President.

But who am I to question You? You know best. You know this wicked world more than we do: and so, when our work is done, you allow us to fly away home to Zion. Thank you for keeping them in your power.

I trust you’ll provide for their dependants through your mighty hand. Thank you also for giving we the living another opportunity to see the end of 2021; to perfect our stay on

This excerpt comes from a short letter I wrote to God (on my Facebook page) when Elvis died suddenly.

I was visibly shaken, sad, sour, solemn, and stricken with rapidly changing
states oscillating between denial and acceptance because he was not expected to die.

I was at Elvis’ bedside the very first night he was admitted at the University of Ghana Medical Centre (UGMC).

He was expected to be discharged to continue treatment at home in due course; then, a subsequent visit and further follow-ups showed that his condition changed, worsened and eventually passed on to eternity.

Elvis was a good man! A very good man. I must add, as an avowed devotee of Jesus Christ, he represented the very essence of goodness.

He was very transparent – even when he was wide awake in the hospital, he voluntarily handed over his phone to his lovely wife, Cynthia, not fearing any illicit calls will come in.

This is uncommon in many homes today.

The fact is, Elvis has always been transparent! I first encountered him over 19 years ago when I was President of the National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS); he was working
for the then Network Herald.

He covered our events, was professional, respectful and calm but firm. Elvis was one of the key journalists who reported accurately the struggle I led as NUGS President.

The NUGS was determined to ensure the Ghana Education Trust Fund (GETFund) was not short-changed by Government. It was a noble cause and Elvis found common cause with the NUGS on that singular issue.

Subsequently, in 2006, I became Spokesperson of the Junior Doctors Association. I was determined to have a strike-free tenure which we successfully achieved.

Considering that Governments respond more promptly to strikes instead of verbal advocacy, it meant our plight had to be heard loudly as we avoided strikes.

He was helpful in this regard and so was Beatrice Agyeman of TV3, then a news anchor.

Elvis was a good listener! I never encountered someone who patiently listened, yet defended the Multimedia Brand as much as my brother and friend did.

As Minister for Communications, we respected our limits as friends; our personal relationship did not get in the way of our professional roles.

When Government had disagreements with Joyfm or he would listen attentively and offer us space for a rejoinder.

Sometimes, I will say, “But bro, why report unfairly and expect us to exercise our right of
rejoinder? That is unacceptable you know…”

In response, he would afford a faint giggle. In some cases, we succeeded in getting the error corrected; in others, his will prevailed.

Former Communications Minister, Dr Edward Omane Boamah

Elvis has played his part. His work is done and he has flown away to Zion. May his gentle and harmless soul rest in perfect peace.

May the good Lord comfort his grieving wife Cynthia and their two bright girls and only son, who was born when I was on duty at 37 Military Hospital in 2008.

Elvis’ mum has a toxic pair of events: she is now living with the pain of losing her
husband two years ago and now her son.

Her beloved son Koku is gone! I trust God to keep her and their family safe
and sound.

My deepest consolation to the Multimedia family and the inky fraternity.

We should accept that such bitter changes will come because as the Psalmists puts it, “Change and decay all around I see…

” But with this bitter change, I have lost a great counsellor, friend and brother.

May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace.
Adieu Elvis!
Elvis Koku Kwashie, Hede nyuie!

You did not just make Journalism interesting; you also gave real meaning to Independent, Credible and Fearless journalism even in the face of extreme disagreement with us as Political activists.

May the Good Lord that you have always trusted and Loved, Grant you eternal rest.

For the many friends and family, you left behind we shall miss you dearly.

God Keep You Elvis Koku Kwashie.

God Keep you till we meet again.