The special committee investigating allegations of sexual misconduct against some teachers at the Ejisuman Senior High School has found eight of them guilty of inappropriate sexual advances on the students.
The special committee was set up by the Ghana Education Service (GES) to investigate the allegations of sexual misconduct against some teachers at the Ashanti Region-based senior high school.
The scandal broke after over ten female students at the school claimed they were forced by some of the teachers to stroke their manhood until they ejaculated as a way of punishment.
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Parents also called for the transfer of the teachers following reports that some of them constantly harassed students for sex in exchange for good grades.
In the heat of the scandal, the National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT) accused the sub-chief in Ejisuman, Ejisu Nana Kofi Poku, of frustrating the management of the school.
President of the Association, Angel Carbonu, said the sex scandal is evidence of a cold war between the management of the school and teachers, versus the chief who failed in an attempt to get appointed to the school’s Board.
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Teachers found guilty of sexual offences have been referred to the GES for disciplinary action.
The committee in a 38-page report signed by its chairman Patrick Debrah Boateng found that the Nkosuohene of Ejisu Nana Kofi Poku of interfering with the day-to-day administration of the school.
Joy News has intercepted a copy of the committee’s report that has the following details:
– 10 students appeared before the committee to testify against the teachers. They included one student who has since left Ejisuman SHS.
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– Nine teachers in all appeared before the committee and eight are now to face GES disciplinary action.
– The report, however, cleared the teachers of penetrative sex with the students.
– The committee is also recommending restrictions on the Nkosuohene of Ejisu Nana Kofi Poku. He’ll require special permission before being able to visit the school.
“A video recording involving a female student and an officer of the school was orchestrated by Nana Kofi Opoku,” the report noted.
The report makes the following general recommendations:
1. Female students should report love or sex proposals by their teachers and male students to the Guidance and Counseling Unit of the school.
2. School authorities should deal with reports of sex proposals by the teachers appropriately.
3. School authorities should encourage parents /guardians to entrust their female wards to the hands of the female teachers, eg. Their remittances should pass through the female teachers to avoid the temptation of male teachers (who receive these remittances for the girls) taking undue advantage of the situation.
4. The Guidance and Counselling Unit in the school should intensify its education on sex matters for the female students.
5. School authorities should report promptly any unlawful interference in the school administration by Nana Nkosuohene to the Traditional Council, Municipal Director of Education, the Regional Director of Education and the Municipal Chief Executive.
6. Any staff who seizes unauthorized gadget from a student should send it to the administration for proper records to be kept.
7. Delegation of Power from Management/Administration to teachers and other staff should be properly supervised by the Headmistress.