File photo: Voting centre

As electorates of the Ejisu constituency prepare to go to the polls today in a highly anticipated by-election, a Political Scientist at the University of Ghana believes there is intense maneuvering and last-minute tactics by competing candidates.

Dr Kwame Asah-Asante in his submission on JoyNews’ PM Express said that the evening before the polls was going to be a busy night in the Ejisu constituency.

He noted the night preceding an election usually witnesses a flurry of activity, including attempts at influence, inducement, and manipulation.

According to him, the strategy and resources of competitors during what he termed “the night before” the election could play a crucial role in determining the poll’s outcome.

“What will play out will be your strategy, resource, and the way you organise what is termed ‘the night before’. This night, I tell you things are going to happen.

“There’ll be a lot of influence, you are going to see inducement, change of mind, and manipulation to the highest level, and that is where you will see the dominant party model against rational choice,” he said on Monday.

Referencing the Info-Analytic poll on the Ejisu by-election, Dr Asah-Asante noted that it was going to be a difficult race.

Nonetheless, he believed the competitors who exploit the ‘night before’ efficiently stand a chance over the opponent.

“With Info analytics publishing their polls that if there is going to be a winner, it will be by a slim margin, this means that it is a game for everybody.”