Fellow Ghanaians,

Bawumia (THE RUNAWAY ECONOMIST) knows the Akufo-Addo government has done little on improving broadband (fixed and wireless Internet) and his mismanagement of the economy has brought unprecedented hardships on Ghanaians; so he is characteristically resorting to digital obfuscation.

…Kufuor’s time…to Atta Mills to Mahama, significant investments were made to provide telecom infrastructure.

The Kufuor NPP invested in e-Government with funding from China.

Atta Mills continued with the digitalisation drive and even issued BWA licenses to Goldkey, Surfline, etc. Without claiming credit for private sector operations.

Mahama also among others, initiated and implemented the US$97 million eTransform project with funding from the World Bank. It was passed on to the Akufo-Addo government in 2017.

In fact, Bawumia is taking credit for some of the offspring of the eTransform project today.

National Identification Ghanacard: Bawumia met a ‘cooked meal’ with Factory Acceptance Test done with other options, yet he takes sole credit for it without even acknowledging governments preceding theirs. Don’t blame him.

On the over 800km Eastern Corridor Fiber: the Mills administration got funding from DANIDA and Mahama administration successfully laid the fiber, with fiber sod-cutting at Wamle in the Northern Region in June, 2013.

Furthermore, 4G LTE for wireless broadband!

Mahama administration sourced funding and deployed 119 4G LTE sites across the country. I cannot forget the support of President Mahama and that of the late Captain Kojo Tsikata (rtd) as I worked through the vagaries of this particular project.

Yes, Mahama’s administration invested directly in 4G Internet. AND also authorised MTN to deploy 4G.

Also, the Mahama administration began preparatory works on Western Corridor Fiber. Got Ghana Infrastructure Investment Fund (GIIF) under Mr. Ato Ahwoi to partner Huawei. Akufo-Addo inherited this PPP in 2017.

Bawumia knows the Akufo-Addo government has done little on improving broadband (fixed and wireless) so he is characteristically resorting to obfuscation.

Bawumia, if you know about TV whitespace technology for the Internet, speed that up and let Ghanaians benefit from it.

And while at it, let us know the plans Ghana has and the active steps being taken for the deployment of 5G technology because the Internet of Things (IoT) is not waiting for us.

Licenses granted? Oh my God!

Bawumia Taking undue credit for the sweat of the private sector?

So Mahama and Mills should claim the private sector-led submarine fibre optic cable which significantly increased Ghana’s bandwidth capacity by 5.1 terabytes?

This $700 million cable which was landed by Africa Coast To Europe (ACE), a consortium of 16 operators in the telecoms industry including Expresso in Ghana, was 17,000 kilometres long.

Did it add 5.1 terabytes to the then existing 7 terabytes?

Fellow Ghanaians, FOCUS!