Kofi Asare

Eduwatch has petitioned Parliament to reject the allocation of ₵1.8 billion made to the Ghana Education Trust Fund (GETFund).

According to Eduwatch, the allocation of ₵1.8 billion raises serious concern about the formula used in capping the GETFund in the 2023 budget, and whether it is in accordance with the Earmarked Funds Capping and Realignment Law.

The ₵1.8 billion GETFund allocation forms only 39% of the GETFund levy accruals which are meant to be used to finance education projects and activities.

This is a sharp decline from the previous year’s 81% allocation.

“Going by the 25% capping under the Earmarked Funds Capping and Realignment Act, 2017 (Act 947) and the history of allocations in line with same, we estimate that, at least ₵2.7 billion, representing 60% of the total 2022 GETFund Levy accruals of ₵4.6 billion should be allocated to the GETFund for 2023,” Eduwatch said in a statement to Parliament.

They added that the continuous decline in the allocation to GETFund, amidst consistent increment in the GETFund Levy, has remained a significant issue of worry for stakeholders concerned about the widening infrastructure gap in the education sector, particularly at the basic education level.

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