More musicians have come out to deny ever taking money to perform at Ebony’s Concert as claimed in an expenditure account submitted to the father of the late singer by her manager, Bullet.

The musicians claim they performed out of free will to honour the late Ebony’s memory and as such, made no monetary demands as Bullet claimed in his accounts to Mr Kwarteng, Ebony’s father.

Speaking on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM, Ghanaian musicians Epixode, Ras Kukuu, Captain Planet, Keche, and Kurl Songx, all denied being paid to perform at the concert.

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Below is what each of them said when Andy Dosty asked if it was true they charged to perform at the concert:

Epixode said: “I didn’t take GHC 700 Cedis. I didn’t even take water. I had an amazing relationship with Ebony. She is a colleague and I went there to support. I wasn’t invited by Bullet or the family. I was there to pay tribute. As a dancehall artiste, would 700 Cedis move my entourage? It’s very disrespectful. They should take our names out as it affects the brand. They should let the girl rest. She has suffered enough…”.

Ras Kukuu revealed that: “I never took a dime. When I heard it, I was very angry. A lot of people called me to calm me down. I don’t know what’s happening between them [Bullet and Ebony’s father]. They are joking. Bullet invited me to the concert. He is my brother. When he brought Ebony, I helped Bullet to write one song for her. I can never go to Ebony’s funeral and take money. It’s a disgrace and disrespect to my career. He should stop mentioning my name. My fans are angry. They must act very fast…”.

Captain Planet laughed and said: “I never took money. I didn’t perform so I don’t know how my name came up. When I got back from London, it was that same night. I was sick but I had to attend. I saw Bullet for like 2-3 minutes and left. There was no agreement regarding money. I won’t take GHC 2,000 from Bullet. They should resolve the issue since it’s hurting innocent people. They should let Bullet come out and say who they paid money to. I don’t think any artiste took money from Bullet…”.

George Britton, Manager of duo Keche told Andy: “I was shocked with the figure. We did it for a sister. There are some events we don’t even mention money. The best way to solve this is to come on Facebook live. I don’t know who to believe. I was a bit sceptical. The list is provided but it looks blurry. We don’t know whats happening between them (Bullet and Mr Opoku Kwarteng).

According to Kurl Songx: “I didn’t take any money. Bullet and Kaywa are good friends. Bullet is a big man and Ebony is a friend. I don’t deal with monies. I can’t call Bullet and ask him about money. I don’t intend suing…”.