This yuletide, the CIMG Radio Show of the Year, Drive Time on Joy, takes its drive-safe campaign up by a notch.

In Ghana, the yuletide is characterised by an increased rate of road traffic accidents.

As December approaches, Ghana’s best late afternoon radio show, hosted by Lexis Bill, will therefore intensify its efforts in creating road safety awareness. The campaign will begin on Thursday, December 1 and will run throughout the month.

Lead producer of the show, Philip Nai, revealed the motive behind the campaign. “You know how much we are committed to road safety. We have been at it for years and this December, we are determined to do more to help save lives by drumming home the need for observing traffic regulations for all road users.”


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The road safety campaign on Drive Time on Joy will continue to educate drivers, passengers, and pedestrians on safety regulations, every weekday during the show that runs from 3:00 pm to 5:30 pm.