A former Rector of the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA), Professor Stephen Adei, has asked those against the multi-track system expected to be introduced into the Senior High School system in September to shut up.

According to him, the policy is the smartest solution to addressing the challenges that come with free secondary education.

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I see the double tracking system as the most ingenious, sensible way of giving quality education. Those opposing should bring their solutions on board or shut up instead of criticizing” he said on Asempa FM’s Ekosii Sen Monday.

A total of 362,118 first-year students from public Senior High Schools across the country are currently benefiting from the government’s fee-free education policy since its inception.

Of the above figure, 117,692 are day students with 244,426 being boarders.

Based on last year’s enrollment, the government has projected enrollment figures for 2018 to stand at 472,730 against available seats of 290, 737 leaving a gap of 181, 993 to be created in order to accommodate the expected number of enrollment.

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The double tracking system, according to the Ministry of Education will offer students more instructional and contact hours with teachers.

But some institutions including Policy think tank, IMANI Africa, has described as needless government’s decision to introduce the double tracking system.

Professor Adei, however, thinks the proposal is spot on as it will solve the problem of overcrowding in the schools.

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He argues that the system is so good that the government should have come up with the idea instead of allowing overcrowding to mar the first year of the Free SHS implementation.



  1. You are demonizing yourself against the citizenry with your “shut up” attitude. Citizens should be free to express their views on every aspect of their lives, please. Dictatorship in disguise!!!

  2. If you have alternative solution bring it on board. If you don’t have keep quiet and stop codemning what can help lessen the burden. That’s what Prof means and I subscribe to that.

  3. It is high time learned people like this prof really indicate that they really merrited their doctorate degree…. He has made several comments towards education, comments that one will not even expect an illiterate to make… He should always shut up if he has nothing to contribute to the nation’s education policies ….

  4. These same academicians are the people who are destroying our education instead of building it up. One professor proposes a shift system, the government decides to implement it the following week. The next week another professor comes defending the decision. Our educational system has been reduced to an “experiment”. Why are we not putting the right structures in place prior to implementation of these policies ie FREEE SHS and now the so called MULTI TRACKING?. What about technical and vocational education? We have become so obsessed with the ” grammar type” of education (SHS) much to the detriment of the “developmetnal type” (TEVOC). Until we go back to the basics and put emphasis on TEVOC education and how to expand it, we will still wallow in the kind of “under development” and “dependence” we find ourselves. How come we import almost everything; right down to safety matches and tooth picks. We need serious and patriotic leaders who will think outside the box and move this country from the “economic valley” in which we find ourselves. Let’s be pragmatic and stop experimenting with every policy we roll out. The import depency of our economy must be reversed. Let’s start building our confidence and start doing things for ourselves. We must liberate our minds and believe that “yes we can” We have remained in the doldrums for far too long. God save Ghana and Africa as a whole.

  5. prof. said we should shut up but he don’t know that even those who wen’t to school three month look they suffered alot before they completed.So let me tell you that the time there was no free education their parent pay their school fees and all their needs. If nana can’t do what he said he should stop.

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