The 1990 Year Group of Dormaa Senior High School (DORMASS) in the Bono Region has presented 120 DUAL desks to facilitate effective teaching and learning in the school.

This is the second donation from the 1990 year group known as “Great Supremos” to Dormass within three years.

“On behalf of the Great Supremos, I would like to assure the school that our last donations will not be a nine-day wonder because we will continue anytime the situation demands.

“We pray that this gesture will motivate the other year groups to do the same. We hail you DORMASS!! We thank you for giving us good education and a truly solid foundation,” a spokesperson for the group said.
Mr Appiah Charles a pharmacist at Obuasi SDA hospital who is the Vice President of the group, together with Mr Osei Bonsu an educationist at the Dormaa Education office who is also the group Alumni representative, made the presentation to help advance academic work at Dormass.
Mr Appiah read a keynote address on behalf of the group President, Mr Samuel Anini who resides in Finland, saying success can only be achieved through the active cooperation of each and every one.

We are indeed glad and most honoured to show such amazing love to our alma mater.

We would like to assure the authorities at Dormaa Senior High that, our two-seated desks to the school are not the first of our kind gesture and will not be the last and we will make sure, the little that we donate to the school becomes a cogwheel around which all good-hearted donations will evolve.

Jesus once said that, whatever we do to the least of our neighbors, we do to Him. We are doing this not for personal gains but to make sure the school can admit more children and secondly to sow a seed which will propel the school to germinate and blossom and lastly, to complement government efforts in providing furniture for schools nationwide.
Mr Samuel Anini through his speech urged the school authorities and students alike to ensure that, the 1990 year group donation is well used and properly maintained so that, they can last longer.

The provision of quality education remains shared and collective responsibility because the government alone cannot bear such a responsibility.

He assured the group would continue to support the school when the need be.
Mr Adu Charles (Assistant Headmaster) Appiah Nicholas (Lecturer) and Mrs Hannat Tutuwaa members of the 1990 year group were present and advised the students to concentrate on their studies so they could pass their examinations well and continue to the tertiary level.
Mr Nicholas Asamoah, the Headmaster of DORMASS, thanked the group for the gesture and appealed for more support from other year groups and organizations as well as the government.