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School placement last year

A group is raising red flags over alleged interference in the Computerised School Selection and Placement System.

Foundation for Generational Thinkers (FOGET) is alleging that some individuals want to use the system as a cash cow.

President of FOGET, Prosper Dan Afetsi, claimed some people are demanding huge sums from parents to have their wards in Senior High Schools (SHSs) of their choice.

According to him, he has received calls and complaints from schools, teachers and parents of persons going round demanding huge sums of money to have the Junior High School graduates placed in the school of their choice.

He said because of the past situation of parents struggling to get schools, some persons, who had turned themselves into ‘contractors’, took advantage of them (parents) to demand money to get their children placed into certain schools.

“You know I deal with a lot of schools and children and the reports I am getting are that people are calling parents promising to place their children into certain schools if they are able to pay a certain amount of money.

“I believe these people going round must be arrested and I hope parents would be bold to do that. Unfortunately, some of them allow themselves to be swindled by such persons,” he said.

Mr Afetsi said he was ready to initiate the process of parents getting such persons arrested if parents could assist with information on them, adding that the issue was a serious one that the security agencies must pick up once a report was made.

The FOGET President, who toured some examination centres this year, noted that candidates went through a lot of pain to write the examination and so going through another stress would be too much for them to bear.

“The psychological effect on the children is also a problem,” he emphasised.